Is this a luxury or outrage ?!?!

When the word comes to luxury and controversy, then the best place to see everything packed in one is Dubai. We all know that it is one of the wealthiest cities in the world and seems like only there you can see these 10 mind-blowing and outrageous things to see in Dubai.

We’ll start backwards from number 10.

Where else you can see luxury police cars if not in Dubai? We doubt that any police department in the world will buy a Bugatti, Lambo, Bentley, Ferrari and Aston Martin as police patrol cars. It’s insane even if you think on the Bugatti price!


Number 9 in our list are the gold ATMs.

This is one of the things to see in Dubai, it’s a must. In one shopping mall in Dubai there is this unique German invention that spits out 10g of 24 karat gold in many different shapes!


Where the party never ends, pool full with sharks. We must say that Dubai is one of the cities in the world that can offer unique fun to its visitors. This is our number 8 miracle from there.

Number 7 is more fashion oriented. In this town it’s all about luxury and glamour so don’t forget your diamond cellphone or you are out of the league.

Remember the police cars? Something similar took the 6th place in our list and it is one of the things to see in Dubai, gold supercars! We mean, real gold! Yup, when the police can have it, the oil tycoons can afford to pain their four-wheel pets in gold.


The 5th spot in our list is reserved for camels. Many people want to experience a camel’s safari but in Dubai is differently, they brought the camels in the city so you can take a “ride” on the beach with them.

These are only five of the things to see in Dubai, for more play the video and enjoy it.

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