The 8 most hidden Machu Picchu secrets you need to know

To hike the Incan trail of Machu Picchu is and always will be at the top of the wish lists of many travelers. This sacred citadel was discovered in 1911 by Hiram Bingham, Yale professor that is an Indiana Jones type of person. Since he has discovered it, he was stunned of the beauty of that abandoned site.
He shared what he has discovered to the world yet he didn’t discover all the Machu Picchu secrets there are to be known. Since it was discovered, the Machu Picchu site attracted researchers, visitors and explorers from all around the world.

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Besides the fact that the site is now UNESCO territory and it is studied and investigated by a lot of scientists there are still many Machu Picchu secrets and the people who built it.
Before deciding to go to this sacred place following we have listed some Machu Picchu secrets we believe you should be aware of.
1.    The site was never supposed to be discovered
The Incans that were worried that the Spanish would find out about Machu Picchu made sure and did everything in order to keep it a secret. They even had a mountain burned in order to wipe of their trails. Their plan actually worked and the Spanish never found out about Machu Picchu.

Machu Picchu secrets
2.    Bingham discovered the wrong city
You might have heard about this one of the Machu Picchu secrets. It is actually about how the founder thought he found and discovered another city altogether. After 50 years of arguing Bingham was proven wrong and it was proven that the city he found out was Machu Picchu.

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3.    Machu Picchu may have been the original resort town
According to researches Machu Picchu was built for the royal family as retreat. Researchers have also made revelations such as the builder of the territory and the purpose of it. The Incan ruler Pachacuti  Inka Ypanuqi built Machu Picchu and he envisioned the place as a peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle. Don’t be yet surprised, there are a lot more Machu Picchu secrets yet to be discovered.

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4.    The territory may have been an incredible diverse city
This is not just one of Machu Picchu secrets but it is a fact. The evident show that the Inka were not the only people to live on this site. Archeologists came to a conclusion that various types of people with different backgrounds lived in or at least past through the city.

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5.    The people of Machu Picchu were master stonemasons
According to National Geographic and the Machu Picchu secrets they have discovered, the Inka used a method called ashlar masonry for building their city. It is a method of cutting rocks in order to fit perfectly. It was a really clever move.

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6.    The infrastructure of the city is hidden
A lot of the city’s wonders are yet hidden underground. According to the news of Australia, up to 60 % of the construction is hidden under the terraced hills. The construction is used as part of the network foundation and all the drainage systems that go beneath the city.

Moon tample- Machu Picchu secrets
7.    At least two hidden templates are inside
The Machu Picchu secrets get a lot more interesting aren’t they? Well as much as they are interesting, the temple of the moon and the temple of the sun are easy to miss. Getting to the temple requires an hour of climbing up. Such an activity can cause many tourists to miss it.

Sun Temple at Machu Picchu
8.    Machu Picchu is yet to be discovered
It is really not a secret that Machu Picchu is still under archeological investigation. The latest discovery was in 2014 when the French explorer Thierry Jamin found a door to Machu Picchu which was never discovered until then. He believed that was the door that holds the royal burial chamber, the ruler and the builder of Machu Picchu, Pachacuti Inka Yupanqui.
And you may wonder why this is listed as one of the Machu Picchu secrets? Well, the secret is actually that the Peruvian government won’t ever let somebody open that door. This is because of the fact that they believe the opening of the door can cause an irreplaceable damage to the site. Or also because they have seen the Mummy?

Secret door- Machu Picchu secrets
Nevertheless, only the assumptions will remain about what is behind that door. Maybe someday we will find out the truth. In the meantime all we have left is to enjoy the beauty of Machu Picchu.

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