The Best Christmas Exercise- Taking a Hot Bath Burns Calories As a 30-minute Walk

This research has been the Best Christmas present so far!

Man taking hot bath
Man taking hot bath

According the latest researches, a 30-minute walk and a hot bath burns calories the same. Strange isn’t it? The theory was tracked from a group at Loughborough University. They did it by testing 14 men putting them through two tests. Their goal was to increase the body temperature by one degree. Half of them were riding a bike for one hour and the other ones relaxing in 104-degree Fahrenheit (equal to 40 -degree celsius) water.
At the end, the one who were riding a bike resulted in more calories being burned compared with a hot bath. But the interesting in this researching was that the one who were relaxing did burn 130 calories – amount that you will burn by walking for half-hour.
Another additional finding for the study that hot bath burns calories was shared from The Conversation. What did they also were tracking was the blood sugar level. The overall blood sugar response to both conditions was similar, but peak blood sugar after eating was about 10% lower when participants took a hot bath compared with when they exercised. So that when it comes to the anti-inflammatory response, the bath has the same effect as exercise. Hot bath
It seems that passive heating can help reducing inflammation. Relaxing in a hot bath for an hour helps to protect us against infection and illness. Finland already use this relatively new method as a medical treatment. Another study from 2015 from JAMA Internal Medicine says that sauna bathing is a health habit that reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases.
One thing to note: the researches were mainly made to men. In order that not always act the same for the male and female body. There may be some variety in the final results. However daily soaking in warm tub has some benefits for your mental health. So, don’t forget to remember that hot bath burns calories and can definitively reduce stress level and anxiety.

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