The Best Gourmet Honeymoon Destinations in Europe- Hidden Gems

Lisbon, Opatija, Ohrid, Siena….If you are a newlywed couple than probably you’ve been or you are in the process of planning your honeymoon. What about seeing few suggestions we picked just for you, plus these are not ordinary, we picked the best gourmet honeymoon destinations in Europe that we think are hidden gems. Even though you’ve been on yours you can still go somewhere else on your first anniversary.

Lisbon gourmet Honeymoon destination
Lisbon, Portugal

First, we recommend Lisbon, Portugal – The real romance happens there and only there. Long sandy beaches with exciting waterfront views. The city architecture is just delightful and you’ll fall in love again there. As Portugal is country with quite diverse cuisine and you are sworn gourmets, you are going to feel there as Alice in wonderland. We’ll mention famous five dishes that must do there: Pasteis de Belem, Queijo da Serra, Bacalhau, Carne de Porco Alentejana and Caldo Verde. Ok, we know that once there you won’t stop at this five, so feel free to update this list, send us your review.

Seville honeymoon destination
Seville, Spain

Seville, Spain. Seville is one of the most wanted destination of all other gourmet honeymoon destinations in Europe. Starting from Plaze de Espana next to Alcazar Palace this city looks like a fairytale, renaissance and Moorish architecture everywhere. For those honeymooners that don’t count the calories this place is heaven. Different pork and beef specialties, like Secreto Iberico, Carrillada de Cerdo, Serranito de Lomo are some of the dishes that you mustn’t miss.

Salzburg gourmet honeymoon destination
Salzburg, Austria                                        

Salzburg, Austria. Amazing Alpine destination with dramatic landscapes covered with snow and untouched nature, while inside the city will seduce you the old Baroque architecture. For the lovers of the Bavarian and Austrian cuisine, this is the place to be as its regional food is blend of those two traditions.

Dublin gourmet honeymoon destination
Dublin, Ireland

 Also, don’t forget to put it Dublin in Ireland on your planner for gourmet honeymoon destinations in Europe. May seems like a party city for singles but it can offer amazing places like Love Lane, Gravity Bar for couples. Soda bread, Irish stew, Boxty are just a few dishes that will mark in your memory forever. If you are there in September, don’t miss the Galway Oyster Festival as oysters are one the most popular aphrodisiac my honeymooners.

Bruges gourmet honeymoon destination
Bruges, Belgium

Bruges, Belgium. Newlywed goes there to enjoy the stunning medieval architecture, the charming streets and canals and of course, amazing chocolate shops. Here you will try the best chocolate in EU. We more like to name it as chocolate honeymoon destination in Europe.

Interlaken gourmet honeymoon destination
Interlaken, Switzerland

Interlaken, Switzerland. This is little small town that lies in the Alpine foothills between two lakes, Lake Thun or Lake Brienz. The view of the Alps is outstanding from here. For the adventure addicts this place is like real paradise as you can enjoy in various adrenaline packed activities. Besides satisfying the adrenaline this place is real joy for your senses. Make sure that you won’t miss the specialty of the place -meringues with cream, various Swiss cheeses and coffee with some schnapps in it. Well, my adrenaline honeymooners, you’ve just discover one of the most enjoyable gourmet honeymoon destinations in Europe map.

Ohrid honeymoon destination
Ohrid, Macedonia

While we are still near the lake shores, the next destination is Ohrid, Macedonia. This is a small town laying on one of the deepest and oldest natural lakes in Europe. It is very famous for its beautiful nature surrounding, medieval churches (it is assume that there are 365), and you can still fell the touch of Byzantine. This is one of the best places for vegetarian honeymooners as their fish “Belvica”, and their fruits and vegetables are real pleasure for your senses.

Opatija, Croatia
Opatija, Croatia

Here we will stop with lake shores, and instead move to the see shores, though we are still in Southeastern Europe. It is located on Istrian peninsula, along magnificent Adriatic coast and surrounded by beautiful bay laurel woods. You can guess, we are talking about the hidden gem Opatija Croatia. Besides the stunning Adriatic nature, Opatija is offering fresh seafood, local chestnuts, cherries, asparagus, mostly self grown plants, and high quality local wine.

Siena, Italy

And our last pick for gourmet honeymoon destinations in Europe is Siena, Italy. The medieval charm of this town, its arts and museums and the amazing vine hills, will seduce every loved-up couples. For the honeymooners that are in love in Mediterranean cuisine this is the perfect place. Siena is also a home to Michelin star rated restaurants.
Hope we make it easier for you to find you best place for honeymoon or for your next anniversary.

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