Blue Wine Fairytale Ends- Spanish Authorities Said it’s the Wrong Colour

Ok, we all know that one of the biggest trends of this summer was the blue wine. Probably, you’ll remember the wine revolutionary invention that was huge news and occupied all the world’s media.
For the ones, probably few, that haven’t heard of it, it was about the World’s first blue wine.

Blue wine
What was all about?
Namely, after two years of extensive research the Spanish producers Gik, came out on the market with product that had sapphire color, alcohol strength of 11,5% , and sweet, distinctive and unique flavor. They named it, market it, label it and start selling it as the world’s first blue wine.
Very soon after it has been launched on the market it quickly succeeded to catch up the taste buds of the curious wine lovers, particularly the young hipsters, and achieve to sell closely to 100.000 bottles in more than 25 countries worldwide.
But the fairytale story didn’t lasted for very long time. Although the composition of the product is 100% grape, and its color is a result of natural pigment which is contained in the grape skin and an added natural color, all this reasons were not sufficient to the Spanish authorities and institutions.

Blue wine
But how is this possible?!?!?!
Yes it is possible. Since recently, the Spanish wine lobby helped by some official public authorities and institutions has banned the wine producer to market and label their product as a wine and even more to display the product along with the other wines. According to The Local, the reason for this is very simple. Because it’s the wrong color, there isn’t any legislative category named as blue wine (current legislation considers 17 products that are recognized as wine and among them there is no blue wine category) and there is lack of historic background for anything that might be similar to blue wine.

Blue wine 5
And now what will happen with to the blue wine???
In order to continue to sell their invention they will have to label it in an inferior category such as “other alcoholic drinks”. In addition, required to fit with the current legislation they have had to change the labeling on the product as 99% wine and 1% grape must.
However, the founders of GIK, claim that they will continue their fight as this is, what they believe, revolutionary product in one of the most traditional sector of the country.

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