Business Rock n Roll in Trumplandia

Donald Trump Winery is rocking in sales while the other businesses are descending

Donald Trump winery in Trumplandia

We all know that Trump is huge empire- Trumplandia with any businesses that forms it, including Donald Trump winery.  But there are many rumors on how his campaign affected his businesses individually. Regarding Trump’s popularity you’ll all agree that his PR manager has finished his job really good. It is uncontested fact that his popularity went up, well nevertheless positive or negative, you all agree that his name is among the most browsed names. There isn’t such thing as bad PR!

But, let’s look into his businesses, although it is challenging to measure, there are many factors that impacted his empire. According to NY Times, Trumplandia is facing difficulties in some sections of its business. Although it is hard to calculate, there are some sources that managed to find some evidences for this.

The sources reveal that as a result of his controversial speeches about women and his verbal strike on Khan’s family, whose son was killed in Iraq, the consumers reveal great antipathy towards consuming his products and services. They are cancelling their trips to Trump’s hotels and golf resorts and additionally you’ll read around the web how people are returning the clothes they bought under the Ivanka Trump label. The online travel agency Hipmunk, said that the booking on its site for Trump hotels fell for 58%, compared to the same data in the same period one year before. Of course, the Eric Danziger, the CEO of Trump Hotels as part of Trumplandia, refers to this data as not that relevant to mirror the actual situation.

But wait a second… Before you let your tear drop, let’s mention that there are some rising stars in the empire, like Donald Trump winery in Virginia.

According to Woolard, the general manager of the winery, Donald Trump winery in Virginia marks 55% increased sales, compared with the same period last year. People hate him? We don’t think so. Not only that the sales increased, but the winery boost on its customers because they went there straight after the Trump’s rally had finished.

Donald Trump winery was originally acquired in 2011 on auction, estimated in $100 million worth in property. The original founder of the winery located in Charlottesville Virginia was Patricia Kluge. Trump acquired the winery for $6.2 million plus something cheap around $1.7 million for equipment and inventory. After that he refurbished the winery to its present state.

Eric Trump- part of Donald Trump Winery management

Donald Trump winery is well-known for the production of high quality sparkling wines. When he mentioned the winery in his campaign he referred to it as the biggest winery on the east coast. Well this might be true in terms of acreage, the largest wine property in Virginia, but in terms of productions there are many wineries that are much bigger not only in Virginia but on the east coast also. By the way, the winery is officially registered to his son Eric Trump who is also involved in the macro management of the same. The media again is losing the idea referring it as a lie because the Donald Trump winery is actually registered to his son, Eric Trump. Eric is Donald’s son right, nobody said the opposite by now?

Nevertheless some businesses are up, some businesses are down, it seems that Trumplandia is still in good shape.

If you’ve ever tried from his wines feel free to share your opinion about them.

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