Chef Bourdain – What makes Anthony so famous and unique?

Chef Bourdain, born in New York raised in New Jersey, according to him, raised without religion even ­­­­though his French ancestors were Catholic and Jewish from mother’s side. In 1973 he attended Vassar College but only after two years dropped it and decided to pursue his culinary career. While he was on college he was working in a seafood restaurant which probably sparked the desire in him to become one of the most skilled and popular chefs on the planet.


Anthony Bourdian also appeared in various TV shows and even published a cookbook in 2010, Kitchen Confidential. You can see from the very title of the book how chef Bourdain is dedicated to cooking. One of his most famous TV shows, Unknown Part started in 2013 and it’s still filming today. If you didn’t know, Anthony Bourdian also appears as himself in the movie The Big Short which was officially released at the end of 2015.

anthony-bourdain-5One of Bourdain’s most “interesting” filming, happened in July 2006 in Beirut. Namely, while filming an episode of No Reservations in Beirut, the Israeli- Lebanon conflict arose. Bourdain, along with some other expats and American citizens were in Beirut hotel for days when finally on July 20, they were evacuated by the American Marine corps. This episode of No Reservations earned an Emmy Award nominee in 2007.

What does Chef Bourdain thinks about the fame?


He simply answers that it’s mediocre thinking which will stuck you up in a never ending cycle, next you’ll start talking about other people lives, after that it will evolve in talking for yourself in third persona and probably you’ll end up in hotel room overdosed. Isn’t this the right way of accepting things in life? He is also not keen to politics and says that it’s better to think on way like what do our kidswill eat after 10 years from now and it’s a wise answer and we totally understand it.



Chef Bourdain is also a fitness guy and for our big surprise it happens that he has a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. At one TV show he took his T-shirt to clean his glasses and what to see, the man has a torso like a 30 year old guy, not 60 years as he has it. The secret for his trim body is exercising every day, in New York, in Iran or Vietnam, wherever he is.


He also reveals that he loves to cook at home and his recipes are different from what he is cooking in public. They are simple and include scrambled eggs, roast chicken with lemon and thyme, a turkey at Thanksgiving…It seems that he is the main chef at home as well.

Well my hedonists, although he is famous it seems that he lives very balanced life.

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