Reindeer Delivery.. Is This Possible?!?!

What do you think??? Do reindeers exclusively belong to Santa Claus.. We guess they were not content with the ordinary delivery so Dominos are now training reindeers to heft its pizzas across the island Hokkaido this Christmas.

Reindeer delivery by Dominos
Have you ever thought about reindeer delivery until now? We haven’t either.
It’s actually something that can only appear on a film yet Domino seems very serious about this idea.
The company still has no specific answers or comments about this yet in a recent press release it is known that they are working with the reindeer breeders in order to get them ready for the cold weather. A full scale reindeer delivery roll out is expected in of course December.

Reindeers North Pole
It is also know that every reindeer will be fitted with its own GPS tracker. This is for the reason of live tracking. You can also track live how for your delivery is like you can now with the normal delivery.
Another interesting thing is that the company produced a detailed action plan. For the bags that will be on the reindeers and the way that the reindeer delivery is going to work.

Reindeer delivery

Yet there are various agencies in Japan that predicted a very cold winter for Japan. Or as they say the winter this year will be “particularly cold” . This is because this November in  the capital of Japan, Tokyo fell snow for the first time after 54 years. And Hokkaido winters are way colder than the ones in Tokyo. The temperature in that area is almost always below 20 degrees.

Reindeer North Pole
Just last month Domino’s Enterprise presented their new drone delivery system in New Zealand. The company also stated that they plan to be the first company that ever launched drone delivery.

Yet, reindeer delivery is way cooler and we can’t wait to see if it will be done.

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