Five star airlines? Wait a minute, only hotels have stars, right?

Nope, there’s nothing wrong with our title, five star airlines do exists, and actually there aren’t many, only 8. While there is a lot of hotels with five stars rating, the airlines receive this prestige after they’ve passed over 800 categories. Exactly, over 800 categories which consider, safety, performance, delays, service in many different aspects. To be a five star airlines carrier is a prestigious title but also means more profit for the company because they can and will significantly increase the prices of their tickets.


The last five star airline carrier is EVA Air.Can you just imagine how the flight looks like with this carrier?

We bet you don’t, but here it is what’s included for the passengers in the Royal Laurel Class: expensive champagne, fresh lobster, steak, and various other drinks. For the comfort will ensure the noise canceling headphones, full HD touch screens on the front offering various features from games to movies, and for good night you’ll get Rimowa overnight-kits, luxurious pajamas and we forgot the Fiji water.

The title five star is given by the Skytrax organization on which you can check all the categories which the companies need to pass. Once the star is received, according to the CEO of Skytrax, the carrier should and must maintain the service at highest level.



Here is the full list of five star airlines if you decide to take a luxurious flight:

Qatar Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Singapore Airlines, Hainan Airlines, EVA Air, Asiana Airlines, ANA and Cathay Pacific. The list of four star airlines is almost five times bigger or in total there are 37 airlines in these group, including Emirates, British Airlines, China Airlines to name it few. And one more tip for the gourmets hedonists. You shouldn’t worry..the possibility your flight menu to be prepared by world famous chef on one of these carriers is not excluded. Herein, some examples of your on board cousine

  • There is only one airline carrier rated with one star, North Korea’s Air Kyoto


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