Hairy pigs that are the Kobe Beef of Pork : Mangalitsa pigs

It’s about time you meet Mangalitsa pigs. They are the cutest pigs that you’ve ever seen. It may sound too eccentric and strange for a pig covered in wool like sheep but they really exist and are very appealing actually. In the recent years mangalitsa pigs have experienced renaissance and build their support up among the farmers and chefs around the world. Moreover, the famous pigs that produce meat so good it is known as a “kobe beef of pork”.
The fact that the chefs are paying for these meet 40 percent more than for Berkshire (another type of elite breed), makes this meet even more elite.

Mother Mangalitsa with its baby
This cute and curly animal, called Mangalitsa pig, was originally reared almost two centuries ago by crossing two species of Hungarian pigs with the European wild boar and a Serbian Shumadija breed. Very soon after, they become very popular in whole Austro-Hungary Empire. Unfortunately they were not so lucky all the time, and in Hungarian communist era they came up almost to the edge of extinction. But thanks to the Peter Toth, an animal geneticist from Hungary, this Habsburg heritage was successfully saved and further breeded in forthcoming years.

Mangalitsa pigs
The past 10 years were real revolution for these cute Mangalitsa pigs. The juicy and marbled meet and the exceptional and very concentrated flavor was brought to light again by some of the most famous chefs. The meat of these Mangalitsa pigs is so great due to the fact that incorporates qualities of both European boar and Iberian pig. Their ancestors are to be thanked for such a versatility of a meat.
This meat is ideal for curing and charcuterie even from pancetta to salami because of the high mono saturated fat it contains. On the other hand, when it comes to cooking this meat barely even needs seasoning. The end result is always delicious and tender juicy meat.  In present time, the largest producer is Hungary, followed by Serbia, USA and UK.
The meet for Mangalitsa pigs is also very popular and intriguing for the USA restaurant market. Very well-known restaurants feature this meat as a specialty in their very refined menus. What is even more surprising is that the meat is also adored and popular among the pasta chefs.

Cute Mangalitsa pig
Cute Mangalitsa pig
Famous chefs and food critics about Mangalitsa pig meet.

There is this food critic called Ruth Reichl that had a very interesting comment for the New York times saying, “ the single best fat pastry I have ever found “. How amazing is that? She even continued commenting and worshiping these pigs : “ Mangalitsa pigs are the prettiest pigs. And their lard is perfect in pastry. Easy to roll out, very flaky, lovely, fresh flavor “
Chefs are also really aware of the qualities of the meat and the flavor itself. Another very famous chef April Bloomfield also commented Mangalitsa pigs on New York Times. “It took me back to my grandmother’s kitchen on a Sunday afternoon, windows steaming from the roasting pork in the oven. Back then pork tasted as it should: like a pig. This pork has that same authentic taste.”
The famous Chef the Cuisine of Thomas Keller Restaurant Group, Devin Knell, was astonished by the meat and said : “Unlike workaday pork, Mangalitsa is marbled, and the fat dissolves on your tongue — it’s softer and creamier, akin to Wagyu beef.”
We bet this is enough for you to get intrigued by these Mangalitsa pigs. Or merely enough for you to want to try the meat? Well, my dear hedonists when you travel, don’t forget ask for this meet whether you are in Hungary, Serbia, USA…Do it, you won’t have any regret.

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