Helicopters are out of fashion !!! Honey Bees Replace Helicopters on Waldorf Astoria Rooftop

If you are interested in sweetening your trips, honey travel is the way to go. The latest trend of deluxe hotels and city landmarks worldwide is setting-up apiaries on their rooftops. New York’s Whitney Museum of American Art, London’s Buckingham Palace and the Paris’ Notre-Dame Cathedral are part of many bee friendly landmarks.Believe it or not, the honey from the Whitney Museum has been known as best in the city.

Sculpture crafted by the Whithney Bees

It’s fascinating how renowned hotels have incorporated the beehives into your experience. For example, the Waldorf Astoria is making the best of its proximity to Central Park. The 843-acre park’s abundance of trees and flowers fuels the honey production and in turn the bees pollinate the city’s vegetation.

waldorf astoria
Waldorf Astoria hotel

In the past year, the hotel has reached an amazing number of 125 pounds (55 kg) of honey and the expectations are even higher for the upcoming year. Honey has found its way into their kitchen, bar, even the spa. Their recipes are filled with honey glazed fried chicken, scallop sauce or a cheese and strawberry soup with honey which you will find surprisingly delicious.

homemade honey at waldorf
Homemade honey at Waldorf Astoria

People can literally taste the trees and yellow-white flowers of Central Park in the delightful honey. Some have even said that the Waldorf has perfected urban beekeeping.

Top of the Waldorf Honey

If your honey senses are tingling, you might also want to hear that New York is not the only bee-friendly city. Hotels like St. Ermin’s in London also produce their own honey and one may enjoy their honey spa.

St. Ermin’s hotel in London

If honey cheesecake or “detox Martini” sound exciting, W Taipei is the place to go. It’s remarkable that a city like Paris which has been pesticide free in the past decade is part of the buzz. If you find yourself there, head out to Mandarin Oriental and enjoy their homemade honey syrup or treat yourself with their honey cocktails.

Well, my hedonists..It’s up to us to go and taste that homemade honey !!!

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