One indoor Alpine night in the Desert City for only $204

Dubai is known not only for the extremely high summertime temperature that can reach up to 45ᵒ C, but also as the desert city that is offering to their residents wintry activities.

Dubai- skiing indoor

Probably we’ve all heard of Ski Dubai, an indoor ski slope that was opened in 2005 in the Mall of the Emirates. Well starting from July 29, once a week the Ski Dubai will set up tents on its artificial snow slopes and offer an overnight Alpine Gateway to its visitors, where temperature drops to -3ᵒC.

Dubai skiing indoor

The cost of this pleasure will be 204$ for two people and will include cold weather gear, plenty of beverages, two hours of after-hours access to the slopes and breakfast in St. Moritz café the morning after. In order to protect from the low temperatures, the guests will stay in sleeping bags on thermal mattresses inside tents specially designed to keep out the cold.

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