Does a proper serving wine temperature will make my wine tastes better?

This week wine tip is about wine serving temperature.

When comes to wine serving,  to write about the wine temperature is a very important issue and the reason that we would like to cover this topic is very simple.
1. It’s wine basic
2. we can’t deny the fact that each day we have been bombarded by many questions related to this topic. It would be quite unfair to avoid answering, isn’t It?
Many people will say that the best service temperature for wine is the one that is the most appealing to the consumer. But let’s think about it this way… Does your coffee tastes better warm or cold? Does your soda tastes better cold or warm? What about the other spirits, drinks and even the food that we consume.
Of course that they won’t taste the same and the reason is very simple. There are many flavors and aromas that needs the appropriate temperature in order to express its potential to the fullest. Otherwise, they could be completely masked or burned off if they are served too cold or too hot. Well when comes to the wine, the same philosophy applies. The importance of serving temperature is particularly accentuated when some very specific and delicate fine wine aromas are about to be discovered. In order to avoid further confusions, below we are presenting you a table with description of the serving temperature for five basic styles of wines.
When talking about red wine temperature there are different serving temperature for light, medium and full-bodied wines. Different serving temperature applies when serving whites and sparkling wines.


red and white wine temperature serving
                                                                                                  red and white wine temperature serving

Few more hints on the risks that might follow you if you serve the wine too cold or too warm

  • Lower wine temperature will mask the wine aromas and the less it will smell.
  • The higher the wine temperature, the wine will be more smelly
  • The lower the wine temperature will accentuate the taste of some flavors
  • Higher wine temperatures will reduce the taste of some flavors

Time to say Cheers, my hedonists !!!

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