The Story about the Burgers Around the World

American Burger, Hawaiian Loco Moco, EX YU Pljeskavica, Uruguayan Chivito..We all want to travel and visit new places, see the culture there and experience the food. What else matter most in life? When we all get old, what will left is the places we’ve visited and the things that we’ve experienced. If you are a travel-frequently person then you might want to try these delicious gourmet burgers around the world, of course if these places above are on your traveling map.

OK, we won’t suggest to go in Las Vegas and try the $5,000.00 priced Fleur Burger, that’s a ridiculously expensive price. Rather, we will look into the world of burgers through the eyes of tradition and heritage and find out how the burgers and its ground meet relatives have developed in different cultural environment.

Now, let’s explore the burgers around the world. Start with, USA, New Heaven. In the history books is written that Louis’ Lunch has invented the hamburgers. While this is not too convenient to us if you have the chance you should tried the old recipe. You’ll not be served with the ketchup, as they believe that if the meet is good, there is no need to add ketchup or some other sauce. However you can add cheese sauce, onion and tomato. In order to avoid the fat they cook it in vertical grill.

Louis Lunch vertical grill

Let’s keep exploring the burgers on the US continent and move to Brooklyn. Peter Luger, established in 1887 is on of the the oldest steak house in the world. Again, no fancy schmancy toppings, just the good old classic burger. They must be doing something good there if they survived such a long period. Definitely worth a try.

Peter Luger burger

The next place is under US but not really on the continent, Hawaii. Loco Moco is Hawaiian variation of burger. An exotic name for hamburger, isn’t it?! But not only the name, the taste is even more exotic… Fried egg on top of the burger ground meet, topped in brown gravy and all that sitting on rice. Tip: Try eating it with your hands.

Hawaiian Loco Moco

Let’s move to Europe now,  Ex-Yugoslavia. The burger equivalent there in American sense is called “pleskavica”. But it’s tasty and one of our favorite burgers around the world. There are tens of delicious combinations to try it every Ex-Yugoslavian country.  It is much thinner than the American burger and is cooked well done almost always. It is served with onion, ajvar, kajmak and many different toppings.

Ex-YU Pljeskavica

While we are still in Europe why don’t we visit Portugal? There you can find one on the best gourmet burgers around the world- Francesinha.  Francesinha is a real challenge for the taste buds- the burger sandwich is overlaid with bear, whiskey and cheese sauces. Of course, your fingers will go sticky, there is possibility that you’ll have your shirt stained, but don’t give up my dear hedonist fellow.

Portuguese Francesinha

Belgium, Mitraillette. As you can see from the picture, don’t go for this one if you are on diet. Burger meet is deep fried and served with fries, baguette and different salads and sauces.

Mitraillete from Belgium

South America is our next  destination. Uruguayans are real hedonist. Likewise in the States, the burger named chivito is national dish and their pride. Besides the grilled beef these huge mountainous look like burgers are served with tomato, mozzarella, ham, bacon, eggs and mayo on the side. No, no…don’t be afraid. Instead take this as a challenge.

Uruguayan chivito

But there are also delicious burgers in Brasil, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, China, Iran, Malaysia…Follow us on Facebook as this burger journey will continue. This was your today’s daily hedonism dose.

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