All the things you need to know when travelling to Cuba

Cigars, Vintage Cars, Cocktails, Beautiful beaches…..

Cuba beaches

It is not a secret that now everyone is eager about traveling to Cuba. Americans are for sure the most eager ones. And why not? There is so much to love about this destination. Starting from the allure of colorful mosaics to the streets filled with vintage cars even including the sun-drenched coastline. The weather is warm and the water is irresistibly turquoise.

Travelling to Cuba and visit Cuban beaches (2)
Cuba’s capital city is also blooming at the moment. Whenever you are travelling to Cuba you can’t miss going to Havana. Our tip for Havana, would be-  Go grab a drink or a cocktail at El Floridita and enjoy!!!
When it comes to art, there is plenty of it in Cuba and you can find it on the streets. Of course, no trip to Cuba would be complete if you are not listening live music or drive around in the beautiful vintage cars.

Vintage Cars in Cuba
And If you still doubt whether travelling to Cuba or somewhere else, take our advice and fly to Cuba. You will be astoundingly surprised by the wide array of options you have there to enjoy.
There are numerous other things you don’t want to miss when going in Cuba such as sunbathing on the popular white beaches or taking a guided tour of a cigar factory.

Cuban Cigars

You should also go and discover Havana with its historic downtown. We would recommend also having a refreshing mojito at the rooftop of the Hotel Ambos Mundos. And of course never miss to check out the architecture.

Cuban architecture
When it comes to the question when is the best time to go to Cuba, we believe that if coming from a cold weather to this tropical climate would feel very refreshing. Be careful about travelling to Cuba in November because It is the hurricane season.
When it comes to the beaches, we promise you, no matter what part of the country you choose, you are guaranteed to enjoy some time on the beach.

The beaches you don’t want to miss when in Cuba are:

Travelling to Cuba and visit Cuban beaches
–    Playa Ancon, is on the southern shore and is a long stretch and clean beach.
–    Varadero beach, is Cuba’s most famous beach. It is long up to 12 miles and is surrounded by multiple all-inclusive resorts.
–    Cayos coco and Guillermo, is a beach with shallow waters which makes it ideal for families with small kids or if you are interested in watersports that are not motorized. It is a great place to enjoy with a drink in your hand.
–    Guardalavaca, this beach name literally means “ guard the cow” because in the past it was a village. Yet now, It is a hot spot for sun worshipers. There is always great music along this beach.
–    Playa Sirena. If travelling to Cuba, you can’t afford to miss this beach. This is the right place for you if you are looking for adventure. The beach is located on the southern coast and there are no hotels alongside. You can also find a dolphin park at this beach.

Asthonishing Cuban beaches
Enjoy your stay in Cuba !

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